[] Unrealistic Results in Typing Derby

Don’t know if it got posted since i didn’t seen it anywere in this thread. At the end of Typing Derby you can get an unrealistic Time and WPMs. Here’s a Screenshot of it. The Problem is you can continue type in at the end.

Steps to Reproduce

You can reproduce it by waiting at the end of the track (type in the last words but don’t press space) and let the game finish. After that you first get a normal result but if you press space the timer and wpm change into a result like on the Screenshot down bellow.

What I expected to happen

Either you can’t type in words after the game ends or the timer and wpm wont reset to 0.

What happened

At the end of the game the Timer resets to 0 and if you put in the last word the result changes.

Notes / Media

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