[] Multiple workshop furnitures change when i try to edit a single one

So i bought some workshop furnitures in the game, but when i click on edit and apply a workshop mod to one of them, it sometimes changes both the one i actually edited and the previous workshop furniture i edited to the latest workshop mod i applied.

This happens randomly, but often.

I expected it to only change the one i was editing not the previous workshop furniture i edited.

This was really frustrating, but i actually managed to fix it by locking the workshop furnitures.

Hope this gets fixed, also thanks to the awesome devs for listening to their community!


This bug is extremely frustrating. It also has a… somewhat horrifying quirk.

If you change your playermodel, and then try to edit a workshop furniture, it’ll try to apply the furniture to both You and the object. It even does it vice versa, where it applies your playermodel to the previously edited furniture. Very scary.

Here it is trying to apply a furniture object to my playermodel:

And here it is applying my playermodel to a furniture object:

(excuse the chat I was very confused LOL)


As someone with a large scale condo project I’m working on, this has been super annoying. I’ll have to use the lock thing in the meantime.
Also- this seems to happen pretty frequently with NPCs using workshop models, as well. Hope this gets fixed soon.


We’re aware of this bug and are actively resolving it.


This issue is now resolved in the next version.