[] Locational voice chat repeating

When playing Little Crusaders, voice chat will often repeat during the match. I know at least Sketch knows about this and was talking about it in Patron chat, but it doesn’t currently have a report here afaik.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Play LC
  2. Have someone else use voice chat
  3. uhhh
  4. Kill them or something, idk play the game
  5. Try to listen for their voice chat messages repeating

What I expected to happen

Voice chat message to play once, when sent by the user.

What happened

Voice chat messages would repeat several times throughout the match, making chat hard to follow.

Notes / Media

Might happen in Virus because it also got the voice chat change in, I haven’t played Virus since the update however.

It seems to happen a lot when knights or the dragon are killed, though sometimes it happens with them being alive.

If the dragon is killed on the last round of a match of LC and they’ve been using their mic, you’ll probably be able to hear literally everything they’ve said in voice chat until a new map is selected or they close the lobby.

(Person in this video screams a bit, just a heads up)

This is a known issue we are working on.

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This issue has been resolved for many updates now.

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