[] Can't use copycat tool in certain areas of High Rise

I saw that there was a thread about bugs concerning Copycat and Undo, but I wasn’t sure if the bug I encountered falls under that
When I try to use the Copycat tool on some floors of the Highrise nothing happens. The floors affected are Living Room, 1F room, and 1F hallway

Steps to Reproduce

When I click to copy nothing happens, and the blue line doesn’t appear around the “copied” area, and when I try to paste from a room I can copy from (like the Large Room) nothing gets pasted

What I expected to happen

I expected to be able to paint my floors in the affected rooms with the Copycat tool

What happened

I couldn’t paint the floors with the Copycat tool

Notes / Media

Here I am trying to select the floor in 1F hallway, prior to that I had with success selected the floor in the Foyer