[] Portals & Transdimensional Paintings (again (again))

This is going to be mouthful.

When absolute position is OFF, they display the target point relative to the player’s position + angle to the teleporter, like so:

When absolute position is ON, they display the target point from the fixed position & angle that you set it to, like so:

That said, here’s the issue(s):

Portals & Transdimensional Paintings have some visual consistency problems depending on if you’re a host or guest in the condo, with a new one in wake of the “Absolute Position” toggle being added.

  1. Connecting guests seem to always see into these items as if Absolute Position is always turned OFF, even if it is turned ON.
    In the below clip, my friend reported seeing no change with what the item displayed to him, even though I toggled Absolute Position ON/OFF rapidly. He said he always had a dynamic view of what was inside the painting:

  2. While the image that renders in these items appears in a normal fixed position to the host when Absolute Position is turned on, if the map and/or snapshot is loaded when the item actually does have Absolute Position turned off, it will display as if the target is set to XYZ 0,0,0 on the map until the item is edited in some way. This seems to not affect condo guests, only the host.

Steps to Reproduce

  • Simply use the Portal or Transdimensional painting as the host of the condo, and have a guests report what they’re seeing VS. what you’re seeing.
  • Also try reloading the map/snapshot if the items above have ‘Absolute Position’ turned off.

What I expected to happen

The items display the same view to the condo’s hosts and it’s connecting guests.

What happened

  • Connecting guests ALWAYS see the items as if Absolute Position is OFF.
  • Condo Hosts will see the item incorrectly if Absolute Position actually is OFF, unless the item is edited after the map/snapshot loads.

  1. After the fix from the last update, this bug merely switched perspectives. Guest clients now see transdimensional paintings & portals as permanently affixed, as opposed of permanently relative. Changing the absolute rotation setting appears to not affect guest clients’ perspective. This player in particular even tried reconnecting after the change was made.

  2. This probably goes without saying, since this wasn’t on the list of fixed things, but toggling absolute rotation off still makes the items display 0,0,0 to the host when the instance loads.