[] Workshop Menus Search Times

For the longest time now, any Workshop menu has taken several minutes to load any items. I was hoping with the new infinite scrolling feature, this would be fixed, but sadly, that’s not the case ): It still takes at least 2 or 3 minutes to finish searching for new items

Steps to Reproduce

  • Open up any menu that lets you select a Workshop item
  • Wait.

What I expected to happen

For simple images and text to not take forever to load.

What happened

Have to wait several minutes every time I scroll down further (previously anytime I’d go to the next page)

Notes / Media

(it took several minutes to finish searching, didn’t want to record and upload a whole video to show that lol)

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From my experience, this really shouldn’t take that long to load new results. It takes me about 2 to 3 seconds (which isn’t the best). I believe the delay is due to the thumbnails. The benefit of the new system is you don’t have to reload everytime you close it. I’ll see if lowering the thumbnail resolution helps.


That would be appreciated! There was a time early on in Workshop’s introduction to the game where it would load within seconds, and that was back when I still had a 5mbps DL speed lol. (I have 10 now which is still garbage but I’d figure something like this would only get a bit better)

Not sure when the issue started, but it was a major update sometime last year, iirc.

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