[] Who's Hue ball can fall out of the machine and be kicked around

Ball used in the game Who’s Hue 2 can fall out of the game and make the game unplayable

Steps to Reproduce

Playing arcade machine with all slots filled for long enough continuously will cause the ball to fall out.

What I expected to happen

The ball to stay within the bounds of the arcade machine.

What happened

The ball fell out of the machine and proceeded to be rolled around arcade by users.

Notes / Media

Ball at front door of arcade after much pushing around: https://i.imgur.com/UijaHVl.jpg

  • Ball can be pushed around by users but only if they are moving

  • Ball can be pushed when the machine is spinning and after the machine has finished spinning for a certain amount of time.

  • Ball cannot be pushed during game startup or colour selection

This has been fixed in a upcoming hotfix.