[] Leaving a slot machine while the anti-idle prompt is displayed locks client until prompt times out

It seems like you can’t do this, but you can accidentally do it with just the right timing.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Use a slot machine
  2. Open the “leave” prompt for the slot machine but do not answer it
  3. Wait for an anti-idle “press this letter” prompt. If you get prodded by the game that you’ll be kicked off the machine for being idle in general, you can cancel the leave prompt and play, then come back to the leave prompt. You want to be caught viewing the leave prompt so you can interact with it when you finally meet this condition.
  4. Click “Accept”

What I expected to happen

The inability to click accept, and/or the ability to answer the letter prompt after leaving the machine.

What happened

I could not answer the letter prompt or really take any action until the prompt managed to time out on its own.


Wait until the prompt is done, but that is quite annoying.

Notes / Media

I could very easily see someone about to leave a machine getting sniped with a “press this letter” prompt and now having to wait the 20-30 seconds. Unsure if I should be able to interact with that prompt until the letter is pressed, or if the letter press code should be available after you leave. Definitely tricky to make sure you don’t open a loophole to allow people to idly play the machines.