[] Canvas Pile Textures Won't Scale

I was trying to create some islands on the condo map using canvas piles. However, despite having sliders for it, would not let me change the texture scale, offset, or color. Instead, it scales the texture with the item, making the texture look large and low res.


If you’re using the Sand material, it’s basically worthless due to how it sets the texture. It’s neither tied to the object’s UV map (like a normal texture) nor the world (materials like Grass 1)… it instead goes an entirely different route that changes based on the rotation and position of the item because…??? idk

But yes, Canvas do have texture scaling issues as well.

No matter what material I put on, it doesn’t scale, but works fine if I put it on regular canvas objects. I’m talking specifically about the canvas piles too, the ones that were released last Christmas that resemble a mound. All other canvas objects work fine no matter what texture I put on.

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Just ran into this exact problem.

This is now resolved in the next update.

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