[] Can't return to plaza after hosting a minigame

Summary of bug here.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Join a plaza with a friend and walk to the game world port.
  2. Via pressing “E” on one of the minigame queue boards, start a queue and have the friend join second (make sure you show up as host) and play until the end of a map.
  3. When it prompts you to vote on the next map, pick “return to game world port” - the button, NOT the voting option.
  4. Observe the “return to …” teleporter in the middle of the game world port.

What I expected to happen

Both the friend and the host should see “Travel to US West 1” and should be able to enter it to return to the plaza they originally joined the minigame from.

What happened

For the host, the teleporter reads as “Travel to Unknown”, and upon entering it nothing happens. For the friend, it reads as “Travel to US West 1” (or whatever plaza they joined from originally).


I dont believe that it wasnt completely intended to remember what plaza you were in, although it would be if it would