Can't hit billiards cue ball more than minimum power

Steps to Reproduce

Played and lost 3 games?

What I expected to happen

To be able to hit the cue ball at any power I desired, for the other balls to move as expected.

What happened

Power meter does not show up and now just hits it at minimum power no longer how long I hold it. When playing solo the balls do not move as expected, and then snap back to the original position.

Notes / Media

Restarting game and changing servers/tables did not fix it.

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I’ve noticed a pattern with regards to this myself and can offer some insight.

Essentially, when first entering the arcade to play billiards after connecting to a plaza, I suggest not leaving the arcade until you’re bored of it.

If at any point you leave the arcade to go do something else in the server only to return at a later point with the intention of playing more billiards, my suggestion would be to just reconnect to the plaza entirely.

Also, the activity status doesn’t seem to be reset upon leaving a game of billiards. It will still show you as playing billiards even if you might be elsewhere in the server.

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