[] Light Settings on Stringlights Resets

When reloading your Condo, any string lights that are placed will reset any light settings you may have changed. It will also randomise the colour of the lights. Light sources are only generated for the first segment, but I imagine that’s a limitation of the item.

I’d prefer to reduce the radius of the stringlights to prevent lightbleeding and make the inconsistent light sources less obvious but the radius and brightness settings reset upon condo load.

Steps to Reproduce

1 - Change the default light settings to any stringlight item
2 - Leave Condo and rejoin
3 - Open edit menu to see the settings change

What I expected to happen

Light settings on the stringlights to retain between loads.

What happened

It’s not possible to edit the settings of light strings since they’ll reset after re-entering your condo.

Notes / Media

Before (with changed settings)

After (resetting the changes)


Bumping this as it is still an issue (and I’d reeeeally like to use these lights this holiday season)


This is now fixed in the next update.