[] Screamy Boy susceptible to eternal torment

if a screamy boy is stopped by anything other than bumping into an obstacle, it seems to glitch out and become essentially unusable (without host/admin intervention)

Steps to Reproduce

place a screamy boy in such a way that he’ll walk off a ledge

What I expected to happen

the screamy boy would fall and then eventually reset to his default “sleep” state

What happened

the screamy boy remains ragdolled and screaming. after 20 seconds, the game teleports him back to his original position, but nothing else. he remains in agony until he’s stashed

Notes / Media


He does this as he has realized that death is not an effective method of escaping his torment, thus fueling his screaming. He has been cursed with hope, and as such, is doomed to repeat this process as many times as you will let him run off a ledge.