[] Portal/Painting shows XYZ 0,0,0 for host until re-edited

After adjusting items like the ‘Transdimensional Painting’ and ‘Portal’, it will show the location of XYZ 0,0,0 if you reload the instance/snapshot until you re-open the edit menu.

This only seems to be an issue for the host, as all my guests report seeing the intended teleport location without any adjustments from me in any scenario.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Use any of the listed items and have them go somewhere.
  2. Reload the instance.
  3. View object.

What I expected to happen

Teleporter item displaying the location of it’s target.

What happened

Displayed point 0,0,0 on the map. (Until properties menu opened/adjusted by host themselves.)

Notes / Media

Not just Smooth Dirt either. Tested on House.

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In, this behavior still exists if the items have absolute rotation turned off, as it originally was.