[] Grand Quest: Landing on HEAL when at full health does not replenish health back to 75 after being attacked

When playing Grand Quest, landing on HEAL casts a spell that does no damage to the Dragon. The Dragon then attacks, and then your spell takes affect. The spell replenishes up to 20 HP after being attacked for 5 HP, for a net gain of 15 HP. You will not gain HP above 75. However, if you already have 75 HP, you get no health back and the end result is you get 70 HP.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Play a game of Grand Quest
  2. Get lucky enough to land on HEAL while at 75 HP

What I expected to happen

The heal should cancel out the damage completely and you should be at 75 HP after the action is complete.

What happened

The heal does not take affect and you end up at 70 HP after the action is complete.

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The heal should happen after the attack, which is probably what is throwing it off a little.