[] Gizmo duplication with Steam connection issues causes confusing controls

Attempting to duplicate an item with gizmos while Steam is having connection issues, and then closing the gizmo menu during this causes the camera and movement to return to normal controls, but gizmo is still visible, and opening the Q menu and such is prevented.

Steps to Reproduce

While having a poor connection to Steam, duplicate an item with the gizmo shift-drag feature (so the new item doesn’t appear immediately), and then close the gizmo menu before it appears.

What I expected to happen


  1. normal camera and player controls are restored, item doesn’t duplicate
  2. normal camera and player controls are restored, item duplicates in place (not optimal, but makes sense)
  3. upon delayed duplication, normal camera/player controls are switched to gizmo controls, and the gizmo menu opens

What happened

Normal camera/player controls are restored until the item duplicates. Upon duplication, normal camera controls remain (locked cursor with free camera movement), but player controls switch to the gizmo controls. The gizmo 3d transform cursor appears without the gizmo menu opening. WASD movement functions properly, as it does while the gizmo menu is open normally.

As the normal camera controls remain, the player is unable to manipulate the 3d transform gizmo, nor are they able to exit the gizmo mode by closing the menu (Space hotkey still works fine, though).

Furthermore, the Q menu cannot be opened during this, so players cannot click on another item to re-open the gizmo menu.

Notes / Media

Other misc notes about the bug. Picture or videos would be much appreciated!