[] Coop building: when moving, copying or stashing a canvas wall another random canvas wall gets resized

I was building in a friend’s condo and seemingly at random canvas walls would get resized. after some testing it seems that whenever I stash, move or copy a canvas wall then there is a chance that another seemingly random canvas wall gets resized.

The random wall that gets resized seems to get a similar scale as the one I moved, copied or stashed. Most walls that got resized were placed by the host but at some point the ones I placed got randomly rescaled as well. In the case of my walls being rescaled they were ones I had placed in sequence though it did not start at the first one I placed.

There was someone else(besides the host) also building who did not have this issue. That person joined before me and was already building before I joined.

I tried restarting TU but afterwards the issue still persisted.

Steps to Reproduce

I have seen similar symptoms to which there wasn’t an explanation at that time, unsure if it’s the same however and I’m unsure what causes this or how to reproduce it. If anyone reads this and has similar issue please comment.

What I expected to happen

for items to not be resized randomly based on actions to another item.

What happened

Canvas walls got seemingly randomly resized while copying, moving or stashing other canvas walls.

edit: Apparently the issue only affects items which have been placed or moved or otherwise altered since the host loaded in. And it also affect the “Glass Full Frame Thick.” item.

Something similar happens building alone as well, where undoing changes to a canvas cube/wall (maybe other items too) changes its scale for whatever reason. it’s really frustrating, and it makes the undo feature almost useless (for me at least) because any time I wanna undo a change, chances are the game is gonna mess up the scale and then I’m gonna have to spend like a minute fixing it

So, started building in the same hosts condo again, the other player besides me and the host was also there when I joined. everything was fine, I could build and it wouldn’t resize random canvas walls or cubes(since I was now placing down cubes and not walls). A few players joined and left. then one more player joined and the same issue was there again. when I moved the canvas cubes it would resize random other canvas cubes, either ones I placed or those others placed.

Since it happened with both canvas walls and canvas cubes I decided to try it out with another item, since bar stools were not used elsewhere in the condo I tried with them. I could not replicate the issue with bar stools.

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