[] Aim Position Misaligned From Crosshair

I think I should preface that my playermodel is a little shorter than the base playermodel, I believe it’s set to 80 using the Player Height metadata value.

A lot of the time when I’m in someone else’s condo I seem to struggle to press E on various teleporters, doors, other intractable stuff like that.

Today I found out that this is because my player’s aim position is a little higher than my crosshair, meaning that I would need to aim a little bit lower, maybe even off of the object in order to interact with it.

^ Aiming at a journal, unable to read it despite pressing E.

^ Aiming lower than the journal, no longer seeing the ‘E Read’ dialogue.

WOAH 15a
^ After pressing E into seemingly nothing below, I am able to read the journal.