[] Various Drivable Speedboat issues

i’m glad that there’s finally attention being paid to this milestone in the latest update, though unfortunately my experience with it still leaves a lot to be desired, and in some cases is actually worse
here’s what i’ve noticed so far:

  • the boat does not inherit the rotation of the placeable object that spawns it
  • the driver’s seat is covered by a non-functional “Sit” prompt and the actual drive prompt is in an unclear place that i still have yet to actually properly find (Video)
  • the boat just straight up sinks upon driving in most areas. it can still be piloted in these cases, but it’ll just drag along the floor as if there was no water
    tested areas where it sunk:
    -­ condo ocean
    -­ condo pool
    -­ smooth autumn pond
    -­ underwater ocean
    -­ resort pool
    tested areas where it actually worked
    -­ resort pond
    -­ resort ocean
  • fails to remove the underwater camera distortion if exited from a sunken boat
  • floats abnormally high in the few places it does manage to float
  • positions the driver’s cosmetics underneath the boat
  • completely breaks many ui elements upon exiting the driver’s seat, disabling the ability to:
    -­ open the inventory
    -­ access the hotbar
    -­ equip tools
    -­ kill your character
    -­ access the quick menu (c)
    until you leave the condo