[] Inflatable Boat Bouncing Bug

Upon placing down the Inflatable Boat, it will be quite bouncy. So bouncy in fact that upon exiting the boat, there’s a chance it can go soaring into the air. When messing around with this, it can lead to strange side effects like clipping through the floor or the boat automatically despawning (sadly, this is rare and I was unable to reproduce the despawning on video.)

Steps to Reproduce

Place down Inflatable Boat
Sit on Inflatable Boat
Exit Inflatable Boat

What I expected to happen

I expected the boat to operate in a normal manner upon exiting and stay on the ground.

What happened

The Inflatable Boat could be sent skyward upon exiting the vehicle which lead to people clipping through the floor. In rare instances people would clip into the void underneath the map.

Notes / Media

Upon reloading the condo, the Inflatable Boat is completely static and can only be sat in, modifying its position will return it to its normal, bouncy behavior.

This is more of a suggestion than an extra note on the bug, but it may be a good idea to adjust the anchor point on the Inflatable Boat so that it doesn’t float in a slightly submerged state.

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