[] Condo: No collide resets for workshop objects

Duplicate of [] Condo Toggle Collision not staying applied (My bad)

Disabling collision on workshop objects in a condo needs to be done again either after moving the object or reopening the server.

Steps to Reproduce

Place a workshop object
Disable collision on it
Either move the object, ensuring that you get the Condo Saved message, or…
Close the server
Reopen the server
See that the object still has collision

What I expected to happen

The object continues to have no collision

What happened

The object still has collision

Notes / Media

Creating condo save states makes no odds as the issue continues to persist


I am also running into this and it’s still happening for

I can add to this bug report that the workshop items seem to lose there no collide state only after a matter of time, not even reloading the condo or moving the object was required. It just eventually will lose its no collide status yet still say that its disabled when you right click on it.

You have to re-enable collision then disable it again to regain the no collide on the object, but it will just keep eventually stop working .

Edit: It very well could be breaking the workshop no collide anytime it says “Condo Saved” in the top right while in the condo.


I’ve found the cause of the bug and I’ll have a fix for the next update.