[] Able to select unintentional objects in house condo

Objects normally uninteractable within the house condo (i.e. the concrete road, the ambient natural decor surrounding the neighborhood, the bloody mountain skybox for some inexplicable reason that eludes me) can be selected via the copycat tool. This bug seems to merely be a visual issue due to not being able to alter any attributes about the aforementioned objects though it can be persistently annoying as the blue flashing indicator can remain even after selecting something else.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Enter a condo you’ve purchased.
  2. Pull out your handy dandy copycat tool and point it at a object normally included in a pristine unaltered condo.
  3. Utilize the secondary select function to select the object.
  4. You should have an object with an annoying flashy cyan glow around it, if now repeat step 3 until successfully accomplished.

What I expected to happen

The ability not to select these objects.

What happened

Objects with the cyan glow visual indicator permanently adhered to them until you reinitialize your condo session.


Photo evidence depicting the issue.