[] Text Hats Not Rendering Back In Correctly

When using the camera, it removes almost all HUD elements, however, when switching off the camera, text hats will not reappear properly.

Steps to Reproduce

Have you or a friend equip a text hat.
Equip the camera.
Switch to camera.
Switch back off of camera.

What I expected to happen

I expected text hats to render back in after switching off of the camera.

What happened

Text hats would not reappear, neither for myself, or for friends.

Notes / Media

This has not been tested in the plaza but I have no reason to assume that the behavior would differ from how text hats work in a condo.

Edit: Upon editing the text hat, it will render back in properly. However performing the same steps as before will permanently unrender it until the text hat is edited/reequipped again.