[] Spooky Sound Emitter Warning sound issue

The Warning sound from the spooky sound emitter seems to only play for the host of the condo unless the emitter is placed and set or changed to a different sound and back to Warning when a visitor is within range.

I have also got reports of it re-breaking if a visitor goes far away from the Warning sound effect and then returns via Teleport.

Steps to Reproduce:
As host of a condo place and set a warning sound away from spawn, have a visitor join and move/teleport to area with warning sound in place, sound will always play for host but fails to play for visitors unless changed to a different sound and back to warning. Host may need to rehost condo after placing sound effect as that may be a trigger for this bug.

What I expected to happen:
The Warning sound to play all the time as it does for the host and how (as far as i know) all other sounds function.

What happened:
I only have an idea, could be because the sound emitters default selection when placed is Warning and it does not play any sound effect by default after placement. It may be reverting to this non-playing default after rehosting the condo for visitors. Does not seem to matter for host as the sound effect plays properly for me on every condo load.

This has been on my list for awhile.

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