[] Arcade Lounge Media Player Not Turning Off Correctly

The lounge area in the arcade has a TV which appears to not properly turn off when walking out of range, this extends to being completely outside of the arcade and when using other media players (tested by running from lounge area to theater with video playing, both videos play at the same time.)

Steps to Reproduce

Go to the arcade lounge
Turn on TV
If no media is currently playing, add media to the queue

What I expected to happen

I expected the media to stop playing upon exiting the arcade lounge area.

What happened

The media continued to play, even after leaving the arcade and entering the movie theater to watch a different video.

Notes / Media

Curiously, upon exiting the arcade and reentering, the lounge TV has been turned off visually, but you need to press ‘E’ to “Turn On” the TV which will turn off the media properly. So this is another, smaller bug with the lounge TV.
Here’s a video demonstrating the bugged media player range and media overlap.