[] Thumb down vote requirements in nightclub do not change with population of nightclub

It’s easy to troll a nightclub with a large population of people coming in. Down votes seem to be set based on how many were in the club at the time, and do not change when people leave. So a nearly empty club with someone just playing pool could be subjected to some bad content by having 2 people enter the club, add the media, then leave. Now the requirement to vote down is 2.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Have three people in the Volt Nightclub
  2. Add a piece of media to the Nightclub’s media system
  3. Have two of the people leave
  4. Have the last person vote down

What I expected to happen

The requirement should only be 1, and it should be voted off with a 1/1 vote

What happened

The requirement is still 50% rounded up of the population at the time the media was added. So a person by themselves in the Nightclub at the moment cannot remove the media because they don’t have a second person to vote.

Notes / Media

I haven’t confirmed whether it does exactly this. But I was indeed in the Nightclub that was empty before I was in there, and 2 people added a song, and later left. I wanted to remove it, but I was unable to because it required 2 votes. 2 votes seems like the proper amount to require 3 people to vote it off. So I can only assume it’s not changing the vote requirements as people enter or exit the Nightclub.