[] Golf Diorama animation broken

It used to hole nearly every time. Now 20 times in a row it failed

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Spawn the Golf Diorama in your Condo
  2. Press the Use button when looking at the Diorama to animate it

What I expected to happen

The ball to go in the hole a large majority of the time.

What happened

The ball missed against the rail or went into the water every time (sample size of 20)


I tried despawning and respawning. Placing it on a different surface to make sure there wasn’t an uneven surface with gravity somehow affecting it (though I highly doubted this), and even exiting the game entirely and re-entering. Animation still fails to hole the ball.


It’s just like real golf now.


Hi there,

Thanks for reporting this. This is caused by the same issue that has slightly changed the behavior in minigolf as well. We had to upgrade our physics engine to be more stable, which fixed a lot of weird issues in minigolf especially, however, it also had the side effect of slightly changing the regular physics behavior.

Currently, I am focused on finishing the fixes for the more dire moving platform desynchs, and as soon as I’m done with those, I will get to this issue.


Thanks. It seems to be working now with some recent change.