[] Cosmetics still shrinking in some situations

Cosmetics are still shrinking in some situations and will only reset if you respawn. It doesn’t seem to happen to all cosmetics.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Make sure you have some kind of face cosmetic, as they are the easiest to spot.
  2. Go into bowling, enter a game, play a round/instantly leave.
  3. Go out of bowling and out to the main plaza.
  4. Now notice how your face cosmetic has shrunk.

What I expected to happen

The cosmetics to stay the same size.

What happened

The cosmetics shrunk.

Notes / Media

Before glitch.

A thing to notice here is how much the ears stick out of the hat.

The glasses have shrunk.

By looking at the ears one can also see that the hat has shrunk. The right ear is way less exposed than it was before.