[] Accelerate Dragon (Overpowered Glitch/Bug?)

I don’t really know how to explain this, so sorry if this is difficult to understand.

I have a mouse which can let me set my scroll wheel “loose” (So it doesn’t stop at each “notch” if that makes senses, whenever I scroll.). It’s a Logitech G502, if that helps.

So I got the dragon in Accelerate and I scrolled my mouse wheel really fast while it was set to the loose mode (again, idk how to explain that really well), and my dragon boosted me to 100+ mph, literally sending me flying through the course (Mind you, this took place on one of the relatively straight parts of Bedzoom Track 2, so I didn’t really have to steer much).

Sorry if there’s already a topic for this, and sorry if it isn’t really considered a “bug”, but I did think going that fast was kind of unfair, I went from last to WAY ahead of the competition.

Steps to Reproduce

Like I said before, just kinda scrolled my mouse wheel really fast when I got the dragon powerup.

What I expected to happen

I figured it’d peak at 75 mph or whatever the normal top-speed is for those speed-boosting powerups.

What happened

Gave me a super unfair edge, sent me way, way ahead of the competition despite being in last when it happened.


Sorry again if it was hard to understand, if there’s already a topic for this, or if this is possibly intentional. If it is intentional, however, I suggest it be “fixed”, because like I said it gave me a super unfair advantage.