[] Attempting to Join friend in "Unknown" results in error

Okay so, when my friend is in the Game World Ports server (aka Game World Matchmaking server) their location will show up as “Unknown”. The option to click Join is there. When it is clicked, this message will pop up every time even though they have not changed locations:


Steps to Reproduce

Click the Join button when you’re at the main menu of a friend who’s location says “Unknown” (when they’re actually at the Game World Ports).

What I expected to happen

That the location name would show correctly and I would go to the correct location.

What happened

I was unable to join them via this method.

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This will be fixed in https://trello.com/c/J4uVnjUW/591-update-01410

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been having something akin to this issue on a much larger scale for some time, not being able to connect to a plaza at all, but minigames are fine, hope the next update can help sort it out, also sorry, i should probably have made a individual post about this, but every other bug that was similar seemed to be without replies or similarly helpless