[] Mouse lock is broken on windowed mode

The mouse lock on windowed mode is broken, I don’t know when it stopped working, but I like playing this game on breaks during work and at the moment I’m constantly accidentally closing the application during the fishing minigame because the mouse pointer ends up hovering over the close button without me noticing.

Steps to Reproduce

-Windowed mode, I have my resolution set to 1024x768.
-Move the mouse around as widely as possible and click, you’ll end up getting brief glimpses of the pointer trying to resize or accidentally close the game at any point in time (it’s particularly most annoying when fishing or building)

What I expected to happen

For the mouse to stay in the game’s boundaries and not be able to resize the window/close the application.

What happened

A great deal of pain and dismay when I accidentally closed the game trying to lure a fish into my bait.

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Had a similar bug happen on fullscreen borderless windowed when having the game on my secondary monitor. Mouse locks fine when the game’s set to my primary monitor, but it doesn’t lock when set to my secondary (and the taskbar is drawn on top instead of being hidden as usual).