[] Minigolf ranks are glitched for players with very high minigolf EXP

Once a player’s EXP gets high enough in Minigolf, the player’s rank is replaced with the first 3 digits of their EXP score, instead of displaying the correct rank

Steps to Reproduce

For a player with very high EXP (1 million+) just earn enough experience to alter the first 3 digits and your rank will go down to match even though you have increased your total EXP.

What I expected to happen

The rank tells you which number you are in the overall EXP leaderboard, as it does for players with lower EXP amounts.

What happened

Once I got 1 million+ EXP in minigolf my rank started counting up (lower rank) instead of counting down or staying the same (which is what should usually happen when you increase your amount of EXP).
Since then it has always exactly matched the first three digits of my score, no matter how long a gap I go without playing (example I stopped playing for a year and the number stayed the same but then I started playing a lot, gaining lots of EXP and the number started counting up again, lowering my rank every time I changed the first three digits of my EXP).

Notes / Media

This started happening a long time ago and I’m just getting around to reporting it now. It does still happen in the current version though. See screenshot: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/1761443129683305188/4B5387483F2454F67B8C3CA6DB0E30FC03CDFACF/