[0.13.4] Cannot equip items in hotbar after playing Target Practice Minigame


After playing a game of Target Practice, any items that must be switched to with the hotbar inventory keys 1-8 cannot be equipped until disconnect or suicide to respawn. I am not yet sure if this happens in other Minigames, or if it’s more specific to weapon-based ones. The Jetpack will still work, but not guns or the metal detector or the like.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Add one or more items into the Hotbar from the equipable inventory
  2. Play a round of Target Practice
  3. Attempt to switch to the item in the Hotbar with the number keys

What I expected to happen

The item is selected

What happened

No items are selectable until respawning


I have only replicated this in Target Practice, and I believe Balloon Shoot. I did not get to see what happened in the other 3 games. If it’s just the weapon based ones, perhaps the item unequip portion of code is unequipping too much or disabling too much


This is a bug that happens after playing any minigame. It’s listed as a bug that will be fixed in the Upcoming Bug Fixes trello card:


Thanks for the extremely detailed bug report!