[] Inconsistent behavior from "Red Bugs" and "Green Features" in

When you first enter the Arcade, Bug Bytes will pop up twice as many Red Bugs and Green Features (usually 3 or 4 at a time) compared to rounds played later on (1 or 2 at most).

In addition, sometimes a Red Bug will actually be a Green Feature in disguise. This happens more frequently when first entering the arcade than in subsequent rounds. When you hit one, it will show as Red, but deduct points and play the “bad hit” sound (happens at 3:53 in the video, and a couple of other times after that)

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Enter the Arcade
  2. Complete a game of Bug Bytes
  3. Complete additional game/games of Bug Bytes without leaving the arcade
  4. Leave and re-enter the Arcade
  5. Complete a game of Bug Bytes after re-entering

What I expected to happen

The number of combined “Red Bugs” and “Green Features” should be consistent. In addition, the visuals indicating what popped up and the result of hitting the pop up should match.

What happened

The first time when playing after first entering the Arcade, the number of combined “Red Bugs” and “Green Features” is twice as many as other rounds. In addition, sometimes a “Red Bug” will react like it is a “Green Feature”

Notes / Media

Here is recorded footage of the bug, including hitting a Red Bug and the game reacting like it was a Green Feature instead.


A similar behaviour occurs in Whack-a-mole, where cats change into moles and vice versa.

Bug Bytes is my favorite machine, and it’s incredibly inconsistent for tickets. Some games you have non-stop reds and score over 1000 points easily, and other games you can barely break 500 because it’s non-stop blue bugs.

Edit: After leaving and re-entering a bit, it does appear that your first game of Bug Byte has the most red bugs.

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