[] All mouse button interactions with menus impossible

I’m unable to click on any menu buttons on the main menu. Buttons light up as normal when hovered over, but there is no way to click on them. I cannot get into the settings menu in any way, or click a button to join a lobby or game. I can join friends in games though steam lobby invites, but any an all buttons cannot be clicked (such as shops). Again, everything lights up as normal if the cursor hovers over it, but clicking does nothing.

Try pressing alt-enter, then alt-enter again.

Have tried this multiple times, and have tried in both windowed mode and fullscreen mode. Neither works.

Do you happen to have your task bar at a different location than the bottom? Maybe try toggling task bar auto hide feature. I’ve heard from other people it’s usually something with the task bar causing it.

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Thanks! Taskbar was not in a non-standard location, but switching this on and off fixed the issue! Thanks!