[] Achievement get showing as earned on 1-1-1970 this specific day

As title says, for some reason getting achievements on this day, 02-27-2021 (In PST time), is showing up in the collection book as earned on 1-1-1970 at 12:00 AM

Steps to Reproduce

Just get any achievement, not sure if computer clock needs to be set as 2/27/2021 PST to recreate.

What I expected to happen

To show up as 2/27/2021?

What happened

See above. Checked collection book out of curiosity since I went on a collection spree today.

Notes / Media


That’s the start point of Unix time. I suppose the client hasn’t managed to fetch the appropriate date so it defaults to value zero.

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I think this is something on Steam’s end. I don’t think the developers can really control this.

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Yeah unfortunately Steam takes awhile to propagate that date. I could just hide it until it’s valid.