[] Votekick window stuck around after user left before vote concluded


Today we played a game of zombie massacre, among others, and during the gathering of players before the match, when it reached 6 people, i started a vote to kick a user to make room for a friend who was unexpectedly tardy but still going to join moments later.

soon, a 2nd person voted but before a 3rd could vote, that user left the game but the window remained.

When the game started, the window was still there (though the new joiner of course did not see it)
All the way until the game ended did the voting window remain visible in that state for all 5 users present during its creation.

At the end of the game, we left, so I do not know if it will persist between ‘maps’, but it probably does.

iirc, a similar thing happened to me where a ballrace vote began, possibly before the game began as well, but did not finish voting until it actually began (countdown ->1st map load). that one stuck around too until a next vote was started.

Came here to say the exact same thing. No matter what game, votekick window doesn’t get removed after ending and voting on it past it’s expiration just retriggers it.
Devs, please fix this issue.

vote kick is getting removed next update, so this getting fixed would be kinda redundant

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You can make friends only gameworlds sessions, so you wouldn’t have to votekick someone.