[] Tickets and Tokens not showing and weapons enable on the left side of the Arcade

There’s a bug in the Arcade where you can not be in Arcade mode (the mode in the arcade where your tickets and tokens are display) and just use any weapons that you have on you in the arcade.

The Left side of the arcade is not program in the area to enter Arcade mode (probably Mac or Caboose fault on that)
Example 1: Jetpack on to the platform on the left side.

Example 2: well if you say “just don’t use the jetpack”, you can just walk on the left side, up the stairs and just still not be in Arcade mode.

Weapons: You are not in Arcade mode, that means weapons can be use at anytime in the left side of the arcade.

This bug can get annoying when you can’t see your tickets and tokens and can create a problem when a player is spamming there weapons at you in the arcade.


Correct me if I’m wrong but I think what’s happening here is that the “no weapons” volume in UnrealEd doesn’t fully enclose the arcade interior.

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this happens to me 95% of the time when i enter arcade, and either it suddenly realises im in arcade but not displaying it and switches me over, or i gotta run into triva and run back a few times till it works

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When you are on the “left side” in the arcade, it doesn’t actualize the localisation on the tab menu.

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