[] Canvas Not Working For Others In My Condo

There has been an issue for every person that’s been entering my condo where my canvas weren’t loading for others except for me.

The canvas are set as posters with a large scale size.

This is what people are seeing:


This is what I see / have set:

Did they set their trust level properly while in there (it’ll show when you hold Tab)? By default it’s undecided.

Yes. They have it on trust and all the other canvas works for them except for these for some reason. They aren’t even large upload sizes.

what’s the url for the textures? Also they might need clear their canvas cache and rejoin the condo.

This is the texture:


For me that link returns 403 forbidden. So that’s probably why no one else can see it except for you. You should upload it to an image sharing site. I also know that a lot of people upload their textures to discord and copy the url from there to use so that’s possibly an option.

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