[] Reset condo xp

Hi i dont know the guidelines for the support area but just today I noticed my condo xp was reset? Or somehow lost in the machine, but I dont have much proof of my prior xp besides my hours. I dont know where else to go for this, so this is my last resort really. Any ideas what to do?

What was your XP set to before? I’d be happy to help sort this out for you.

I dont have all the smaller numbers in my head but I know I had just passed over the lip of 3 million condo xp, as I “celebrated” persay with friends. All those youtube documentaries have really added up since the start of the xp system.

I dont know if theres any rules on necro…ing? threads and such but this never got resolved and all (not to sound rude or anything), and ive managed to get back up to 500k xp in condos since my last replay. Is it still possible to bring back my old xp or is this a full loss?