[] Condo undoing more than ~3-4 times in around a second crashes the game

This along with the massively reported canvas wall undo glitch are the only things I’ve found in condo editing is a glitch.

It happens with any furniture: canvases, workshop furniture, etc. along with editing wall textures (map walls, not placed) which may mean it’s not linked to a specific item and rather how fast I’m undoing.

It would help the developers a lot if you sent the crash dump. When the game crashes, a window should pop up asking for a description for the crash. Please provide what caused the crash (in this case, it was the undo thing you just explained) then press submit.

Yeah, I’ve sent two of them already (as it’s happened twice) so they should be able to reference those two crashes to this post. Just thought for posterity if others had this issue I’d make this post.