[] Tube animation not activating in half of the cases

I’m not sure what exactly triggers and untriggers this, but from time to time I have just the swimming animation while having the tube, while sometimes it’s okay for some reason.

Not sure if you’re talking about the animation you posted, but I dont think that’s the swimming animation. There’s multiple poses for floating in pool tubes including that one, but most of them are extremely rare for some reason


Oh well, if you are sure about that then it’s nice to know, although it may be confusing because you can’t really choose the pose and the game does it for you itself. If there are more then two animations for the tubes then maybe having them seen so rarely i haven’t even known about them is a bug this thread should be about?

The tube animations will end if you jump while in water (as it considers you as exiting that mode). It’ll reactivate a couple seconds after you jumped. There’s 4 tube animations that are randomly selected each time you enter the water.


thank you for telling. I hope someday I will see the other mysterious two