[] Media Players and Condos

When someone loads an hour long video on to multiple media player tv’s it can take a toll on the host’s frame. E.g.: Someone came into my house condo with ~11 media player tv’s and posted on 8 tv’s the same 1:30:45 video of a man screaming at yellow paint. This had dropped my from my capped 60fps to 8fps.

Please find either a way to give us our old unlimited FPS (note I know why you guys went to the capped fps) or add a media permission to prevent trolls from killing people’s computers!

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It’s not designed for you to have all the media players turned on at the same time like that.

So what we need to do to fix this type of situation is:

  • Only allow certain amount of media players on at once
  • If you aren’t near a media player, don’t do anything (I believe we already do this, but I’ll double check)
  • Add permission settings to prevent players from adding videos

How are these guys still around? >.<

When I host my condo publicly, I turn on all of the media players so I know what’s being played because people go in just to be d*s.

I think it’d be nice if people with the media admin permission could view the queues for all the media players in a condo without being near it. Also having the option to access the volume or queue when not looking directly at it. With how the Item Finder works now with being a toggle button when Q is held, I think it could use a similar method so it’s not taking up a fat chunk of the left side of your screen constantly.


I made a suggestion here Media Player (TV screen, youtube) features under “Automatically play media players, using a range system” which I think would solve this problem.

Yeah I saw that suggestion awhile ago, need to find time to make it happen.


Yeah here is the thing however Macdguy, I had none of them on. I didn’t have any of them being on watch (client side). However, I believe since in order to make the video synchronous it needs to be pre-loaded server side, this then goes back to behave as if the host has them watching even if they are of.
Note: This is just my hypothesis and it could have zero relation to the current code you guys got running for media sharing