[] Launch pads launch you differently because of the size potions

When you have smaller size, the launch pads launch you further, and when you have bigger than a standard size, they launch you not as far as supposed to.

I’m not quite sure this is a bug. I actually like this functionality because if you have for example a normal sized launch pad and someone using a tiny potion, then they’ll go flying because they’re tiny.
Additionally, the difference in size could be very useful in condos if someone made puzzle where someone needed a small potion to cross a gap that they couldn’t as their normal size. And there’s plenty more uses/applications of this effect.

I think this is a bug, because when you set up the target you can actually only see the target for a normal sized player and nothing tells you that it’s different when you’re using potions. If this is intentional then - as soon as this is proved - i think I would need to create a suggestion where they would make it as an optional mode for the launch pads, as for me they were only serving strict transport function and it is quite inconvenient that players using potions on a permanent basis can’t use them properly.

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