[] Player's playermodels STILL WONT LOAD UNLESS PREVIOUSLY CASHED 4th Request

I’ve reinstalled the game multiple times, validated files, moved storage devices, and turned on and off every damn switch in the settings but I still can’t see player models, unless I have had them previously cached. And if you didn’t notice I don’t own Stream so I don’t have access to the workshop library directly and I don’t have the disc space to download the entire workshop. DEVS PLEASE HELP

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I need a little more clarification to help. Did you say you don’t have Steam?


As in i dont own the company and have access to their servers directly

IDK if this helps but I am able to load things I uploaded today for non-player model workshop items.

Edit: tried putting it in a friend’s condo and her guests were able to see it but not her.

Everybody’s player models are the default ones they customized in the customizer