[] Neon Bars LoD Screws with Light Spread

Depending on distance or angle (seemingly), the Neon Bar’s light will go from surrounding the entire bar to just being a small circular aura.
The change is very inconsistent and doesn’t always happen at the same distance or angle. It also affects every Neon light at once, not just a singular one.


This is a long standing bug with the engine and is not related to screen size LODs:

It turns out that there is a minimum number of lights in the view above which the engine switches to Tiled Deferred Shading, which is 80 by default if I am not mistaken. Evidently, in this shading mode, light sources with a length associated with them are (erroneously?) rendered as point light sources.

We could raise this minimum amount of lights, but only if there is no noticeable performance cost, which I would need to investigate.