[] Physics Items with Unreliable Physics

Quite a few physics items have had varying degrees of unreliability since their inclusion, I’ve tried to organize them by their unreliability.

Completely Reliable:
These items will almost always function as intended, almost never falling through objects or the map.

  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Smiley Ball
  • Exercise Ball
  • Beach Ball
  • Beanbag
  • Metal Melon
  • Bird
  • Snowball (Surprisingly, it remains functional even at its largest size)
  • Jinglebell

Somewhat Reliable:
These items will sometimes work, but will often bug out and likely will fall out of the map.

  • Bouncy Ball (Can slip through thin objects and consistently clips when goomba-stomped)
  • Flying Disc (Only when hitting sides, top and bottom are EXTREMELY unreliable and will cause it to fall through practically anything).
  • Hockey Puck (Similar collision issues to the Flying Disc)
  • Holiday/Spooky/Sea Coins (Similar collision issues to the Flying Disc)
  • Throwable Life Ring (Somewhat similar issues to other Disc-shaped items… but far less extreme)
  • Inflatable Life Raft (Glitchy in all the right ways, she’s perfect the way she is. Allows you to speed across Smooth Dirt in mere minutes, absolute legend.)

Completely Unreliable:
These items will almost never work, you’re more likely to see them bug out than function. These items are so unreliable that it’s barely even worth putting them in your condo since they’ll no doubt glitch out.

  • Tiny Bouncy Ball (Hates you and everything in your condo, has never reliably bounced once in its godless life)
  • Spinning Tops (Unless thrown at the exact angle they want, these vile contraptions will burrow into the ground, mocking your inability to spin them)

The snowball is unreliable in the sense that it despawns when you close the condo but it still counts towards your item count so you have to find it (made much easier with the new find tool), stash it, then place it again. I don’t know if that factors into your stuff.

So that’s what happens. The snowball still has physical properties when in that state and it moves to some random location on the map (particularly in the downstairs lounge of House by the hallway).

It’s not random for me, or if it is, its location is not being reported as random. I’ll be standing where I left it and it will still be reported as there but it will be 100% invisible and not found anywhere I go on the map.

Beanbags are totally reliable unless you interact with them any other way than picking them up and throwing them. You step on a bean bag and they fall through the map at light speed or launch in a random direction.