[] Various Resort Issues (Missing Textures, aquarium issue, map issue)

Over the past 2 weeks I’ve spent alot of time building in the Resort and I’ve come across a few issues in the condo. These are the ones I’ve found and I hope this helps!

Center Plaza Stairs missing texture

The sides of the front and back stairs of the center area between the shops are missing textures allowing the player to see out of the map.

Second Floor of Stores End of Walkway missing texture

On the second floor containing stores, at the end of the walkway there is a small portion of missing texture that allows the player to see out of the map on both sides in the corner.

Fish Aquarium Issues

Fish in the large built in aquarium do not properly stay inside the glass and will be floating outside or will fall out and do their out of water animation.

Theater Map prop Issue

In the theater on the side of the frame surrounding the screen there is a large flat wood block that borders the entire thing, on both sides this block does not meet the ground properly creating a weird looking border.