[] Failed Anti-Bot Kick-Loop

Upon failing an anti-afk check, for example while typing a message in chat when the anti-afk pops up (very annoying btw) at a slot machine, going back to that machine will result in a kick-loop of sorts.

After getting back on, it will constantly kick you from the machine after a few seconds for failing a seemingly invisible afk check. The only fix seems to be to reboot.

This has been 100% repeatable for me on slot machines, and only happens after failing an anti-afk/bot check (the one that makes you press a key).

[How to Reproduce]

  1. Go to a slot machine.
  2. Wait for an anti-afk/anti-bot popup.
  3. Press the wrong keys.
  4. Go back to the machine after being kicked to the train station.
  5. Get auto-kicked after a few more seconds.

A suggestion on top of fixing the bug would be to not make it popup while typing in chat, as it will near instantly fail you.

Similar locked issue here, but with less info: [] Automatic kick from slot machines by invisible auto afk checker
Timestamped video from the post above: https://youtu.be/lC2O8D2qKnw?t=363