[] Multiple aquariums cause extreme FPS drops + other fish related issues

I have a big build that uses a lot of aquariums, (around ~80) After doing some testing on an empty map and spawning a bunch of aquariums. (around 30 it starts to lag) I found out something about them (my guess is the bubbles from both the filter and the treasure chest.) is causing the game to lag. If it’s impossible to fix this with the current aquarium items, is it possible to get a version of the aquarium that’s just glass, and just glass with sand? Currently my build runs at around 20 fps because of this issue.

Only workaround I’ve thought of is to use the fishbowl, as it doesn’t have any bubbles. But not only will it not work with the way my build is set up, scaling it in any way causes the fish to fall out eventually.

Another issue I’ve ran into is when you’re loading into a condo as host or guest, and the fish are in a tank raised above the condos ground (E.G shelf aquarium), the fish’ll usually load before the tank. Causing them to fall and stay on the floor and flop around. This occasionally happens for hosts as well.

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Are all these aquariums filled with fish?

As for the performance issue, do you have a lot of aquariums lined up such that for visitors, you can look directly into a row of aquariums? The problem with this can be that there are a lot of visually overlapping glass materials, that each require some rendering time. This gets worse depending on how much area of the screen is obscured by translucent materials, and on how many layers of translucent materials are overlapping in view.

I don’t know if this is in line with the overlapping textures, but if you scale an aquarium to get around the Resort aquarium issue, the fish will still fall out of both and FPS drops to 8 (for me as the host)

Yes, every aquarium is filled with at least one fish, some up to 5-6.

Sort of, they’re set out like this

, you can only see a maximum of 4 aquariums overlapping.

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(I love this concept)

We were testing and found performance issues, we’ll look into resolving it.